About Welcombe Spinners

Who: Enthusiasts for handspinning and related crafts, of any ability
What: Practising, learning and teaching spinning, dyeing, knitting and related crafts
Where: Mostly at Grenville Hall, Kilkhampton near the Devon/Cornwall border
When: Most Mondays, from 10.30am to 3.30pm approximately

Welcombe Spinners is a long-established group of enthusiasts for all kinds of textile skills and crafts. As well as handspinning with wheels, drop spindles and more, members enjoy sharing their knowledge and learning about weaving, dyeing, rugmaking, knitting, crochet, feltmaking – not to mention how you get the raw materials needed from sheep, alpacas, goats, camels, silk and plants.

If you’d like to enquire about spinning lessons, membership or have an event you’d like us to demonstrate at, please use the form on our “contact us” page to send us some details about yourself and what you need.



7 thoughts on “About Welcombe Spinners

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  2. Sandra Maynard

    Thank you for a wonderful time at the Bradworthy Art Festival!. Special thanks to the lady who showed me how to use a peg loom and Sara for showing me how to spin and all the other friendly ladies.

  3. Vanessa Ludwell

    Vanessa Ludwell

    Thank you soo much Sandy for another brilliant felting day, it was fab. I can’t wait to have a go at making a scarf at home. xx

  4. Vanessa Ludwell

    We all enjoyed the Welcombe Church Fete yesterday. It was great to see lots of friends and to meet some new ones. Look forward to seeing you all soon.


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