Hello to 2013

A well-attended first meeting for 2013 – Jill’s new lace wheel was ooh’d & ahh’d over and Pat had churned out an entire jersey since we last met, in a lovely grey Blue Faced Leicester mix. On the wheels around the room we had home-grown alpaca, brightly-dyed camel, Merino and silk blends, Manx Loaghtan (we agreed on a pronunciation but we’re not sure it was right), and Tessa was combing out a Jacob fleece.  Some pictures of the projects and fibres in action on our gallery page at https://welcombespinners.wordpress.com/galleries-2/

We exchanged a few useful links to pattern sources and these are now on the sidebar of the site (right hand side of the screen for most people) – if they grow too numerous, we can move them to a page of their own. If you have some suggestions to add please place a comment here, submit a message through the contact page or bring it along to the next meeting.


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