“Granny skills” and why everyone should learn to spin!

Two unrelated, and yet very related, articles:

Granny skills help revival of wool industry

The business pages of the BBC might be the last place you’d expect to find good news about the world of wool, but this article talks about the positive effects of recession on the industry, and looks at its recent history. More on http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-21441298

Should Everyone Spin? Another Yarn Manifesto

Every new spinner of whatever skill level, whatever interest, whatever goals, whatever degree of commitment — even if they never touch a spindle again after I force them to — brings me a tiny hint of relief. The lore is that much safer.

Abby Franquemont is “a compulsive textile evangelist” widely respected for her talents and teaching in textile and fibre arts. This is quite a long article (from 2007, but will probably still make sense in 2107) but it’s so entertaining it’s no hardship to read, and her enthusiasm for why more people should understand spinning is easy to catch. Please do go and read the full essay at http://abbysyarns.com/2007/10/should-everyone-spin-another-yarn-manifesto


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