What’s been happening at Welcombe Spinners…

We’ve had a busy summer since the Woolsery show…week by week we produce all kinds of beautiful and inventive things, which we share on our “show & tell” table – pictures below!

In August, we shared our skills at Welcombe Village Fete – we didn’t get many photos but did manage to get this pic of a happy customer (well, we hope he or she was happy because in the full photo he or she looked rather asleep!)


In September we asked everyone to bring in equipment and examples of any textile craft to share and explain, and skills ranged from pin looms and knitting looms to beading and felting. You don’t have to be a spinner to join and enjoy our meetings – if some of these skills pique your interest why not come along and see whether you can learn something new, and share your own skills, experience and inspiration with us?

We’re looking forward to a visit from Amanda Hannaford in October and in November we’ll welcome P&M Woolcraft for an opportunity to treat ourselves to a few early Christmas presents.


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