Fancy yarns workshop with Amanda Hannaford

On 20th we enjoyed another workshop with visiting tutor Amanda Hannaford (Mandacrafts). This year we chose fancy yarns, and had an action packed day with over 20 members attending. Because of the number present Amanda came up with an excellent plan for us to get the most out of the day, giving us “homework” in advance so that we all had the chance to play with lots of techniques on the day – including slub yarn, beehive yarn, spiral yarn, seed yarn, and corespinning – not in that order, for a very important reason in that each technique was taught to us so that we could build on it for the yarn that followed.

We arrived with a few bobbins of singles in different thicknesses, plus some cones of sewing thread. Amanda then demonstrated each technique, and walked around to help us as we worked through the different yarns. She also prepared some handouts for us which were immensely useful.

As usual, being able to share the things we understood, misunderstood, took to easily or couldn’t grasp was particularly helpful. It’s always interesting to see how each of us takes differently to a new skill and means we can learn infinitely more than we would on our own, as well as the reassurance that if it all goes wrong, it’s not your fault and someone else will be able to help! The day flew by (fuelled by a lunch break of fantastic home made food – why didn’t we take photos of that?!) and here are some snaps of the techniques and our sample yarns produced on the day.




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