More photos coming soon – and a peg loom rug

We’ve been taking lots of photos of the exciting and wonderful things our members have been getting up to over the year – including demos at Woolsery Show and Welcombe Fete, dyeing, new knitting techniques, felting and weaving. Watch out for these on the news section and in our galleries – meanwhile here’s Heather’s first ever peg loom work, fresh off the loom!

Peg loom rug in wool - close up

Heather’s peg loom rug in wool – close up so you can see the wool texture.

Peg loom rug in wool

Peg loom rug by Heather – twisted lengths of fleece (roving, tops or just straight off the sheep!) are woven between pegs. When full, the pegs are removed, and the work slides down on to strings threaded through the base of the pegs. This continues until you’re happy with the size or design of your work, then the strings are tied up at the other end. Voila – a gorgeous, natural, squishy, warm rug to treasure. Don’t you just want to get some hot chocolate and put your feet up on this?


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