New galleries and general catch up

In July we attended Woolsery show again, a wonderful event where we enjoy sharing our skills and introducing people of all ages to spinning. In August we visited Welcombe Fete, and welcomed members’ children to our weekly meetings. Then it was back to Woodfest at RHS Rosemoor in October. There are a few pics from all those lovely days below.

Website updates are under way now and because we’ve got so many projects and events to share, the galleries have been rearranged to hopefully help both visitors and members find projects they’re interested in more easily, or find their own projects to share with friends and family. The gnome who has been running the website hasn’t been attending the weekly meetings much this year and a backlog has built up – so if there’s a project or photo missing, or in the wrong place, let us know via the “contact us” form, or speak to Jackie B, Sandy, Renata or Vanessa M at any meeting you can find them at and we’ll try to fix things.

Finally on that note, Sandy and Renata have kindly offered to help update the website with regular photos in the future, so hopefully you’ll see more updates here.


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